Conditions rental signature contract and leave passport  or deposit money with us until finish contract rental.

Please checking our contract before signature.

( No Refundable money if you would like to return back before date on contract.)

If you do not have a hotel we cannot offer you any rental service.

We do not pick up or delivery any scooters to the pier, train/bus stations or airport. Only to your hotel.

What documents do you need to rent a motorbike?

Deposit original passport have to keep with us until return back Motorbikes or deposit money 3,000 or 5000 Baht (depends on the model of the scooter) and Copy passport

Why passport?

We do require to keep your original passport (we will give you a copy, a signed contract and keep your original locked in our safe) Because of the lack of insurance cover of damaged, when happened of any accident and than people get any damaged incurred or broken our motorbike people can leave our motorbike and not bring it back to us if we not keep passport original people just can leave the country without not pay and without responsibility. That’s why we have to keep passport original just need people bring motorbikes back to us only and protect us from scams rental used vehicles for illegal also. We hope you will be understand of us reasons as well.  Anyway right now we can have some models for rent with deposit money and copy passport

Lost passport?

If you are afraid leave passport of reading on internet of story but it’s not we are 100% from our business running never happened about this case because we are know how it’s important for you and we are understanding you as well.

        Important before rental the vehicles you must to let check which area you can leave your passport also if you leave passport with the shop without Tripadvisor or Google you must to thinking why that’s shop not have about it or hiding somethings to you or not. Them can answer your questions to be clearly or can explaining everything to you or not. Because have many shop trying to make a lot of money from tourist for a bit things of dirty plan And we had listened long time already all story on internet and by some experienced.

        Anyway of our experience we would like all tourists to be enjoy holiday and good experience in Phuket. We hope you to believe in our the best service in Phuket because honestly is important for us

And if the police stops me without a passport?

Always police in Phuket will asking for your driving license at check point if by case them asking for your passport you can show copy of passport along with the copy of the contract that shows that you have left the deposit passport with us.

Have insurance? What about cover?

All our motorbikes had insurance cover medicals of hospital costs up to 40,000 Baht. So you are liable for any damage incurred to the motorbikes, therefore we advise you only rental if you have experience in riding.

In case of accident, how much do I have to pay?

About in case of have accident we have to let checking about motorbikes damage incurred or scratch always a logical price we can talking by honestly and helpful, starting from 500 baht.

As I know that a scratch or accident I have done and I was not before in the motorbike?

All our motorbikes are good condition, however for your peace of mind you can make a video or take the photos of the condition around the motorbike before start a driving because you will have prove to showing to us when happened sometime. If you saying have not any photos or videos showing to us it’s your responsibility because we always let you know for take photos and videos for prove.

You can delivery motorbike to my hotel?

Yes, we can delivery motorbikes if Area in Kata, Karon, Chalong, Patong and Rawai, Phuket Town for free delivery motorbikes to your hotel or place of stay. Another area by request.

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